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An Artist Talk On Mindfulness, Contemplative Space and Arts-Sciences Collaboration


Exploring Arts and Mental Health Awareness


Wong Chi-Yung

Installation Artist | Artist-Curator 

Workshop · 8-12 Sessions (36-48 Hours) · Beginner + Intermediate

In an endeavor to understand and shape the world, art and science engage in a give-and-take relationship, from which new and relevant insights and processes continuously emerge. The “Exploring The Arts-Sciences Collaboration” Seminar. provides a unique opportunity to hear the Hong Kong artist Chi-Yung WONG, previous resident artist in the artists-in-labs program at the Zurich University of the Arts, and an artist fellow in Yale, who will talk about his residency and exchange with neuroscientists from ETH and psychiatrists in Zurich, and his exploration of the relationship between stress reduction, introspection and mindfulness practices.

Note : The specific content and activities will depend on the goals and focus of the workshop, as well as the experience and needs of the participants. Please feel free to contact at for further arrangement.

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