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A Lighting Design Workshop To Improve Our Design and Artistic Practice


The Art of Light & Lighting Design Workshop


Wong Chi-Yung

Installation Artist | Artist-Curator 

Workshop · 8-12 Sessions (36-48 Hours) · Beginner + Intermediate


Light is an essential element in architecture and design, as it reveals the shape, form, and character of a space. In this lighting design workshop, we will delve into the fundamentals of lighting design and explore how to approach and apply light design in our work. This workshop is led by Wong Chi-yung is an installation artist as well as a professional lighting design for theatre and architectural project.

In this workshop, Chi-yung will share his experiences and cover topics such as the basics of lighting design, including terminology and equipment; the role of lighting in creating atmosphere and setting the mood; techniques for highlighting and accentuating key elements; and the process of creating a lighting design, including planning, sketching, and programming. This workshop will also discuss the use of lighting software and other tools to create and visualize a design, as well as tips and best practices for working with a lighting designer or lighting team.

Through hands-on exercises and projects, participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills and apply what they have learned. This course is aimed at provided participants who is interested in lighting design and lighting art or simply looking to improve their understanding and skills in this area.

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction To The Course

History Of Lighting

History Of Lighting Design

Case Study: Notably Lighting Design And Lighting Arts   

Exercise: Research And Present A Lighting Designer From History


Module 2: Light And Color

The Basics Of Seeing

What Is Light?

The Spectrum Of Light

Light And Color

The Elementary Colors

Color Temperature

Color Rendering Index

Light On Colors

Case Study: Theatre Lighting Design Of A Play

Exercise: Experiment With Different Light Sources And Observe Their Effect On Color


Module 3: The Basics Of Light Fixtures

Lens And Optics

Lamps Types And Their Qualities Of Light

Color Filters


Case Study: Architectural Lighting Design  

Exercise: Create A Lighting Design Using Only One Type Of Light Fixture


Module 4: The Basics Of Light Equipment

The Common Selection Of Lanterns

Special Equipment And Additional Devices

Case Study:  Lighting Design For Interior

Exercise: Choose A Lighting Equipment Package And Create A Lighting Design Using Only Those Fixtures


Module 5: The Basics Of Technical Equipment And Accessories

Cables And Plugs

Special Effects

Custom-Made Effects


Lighting Consoles & Control Systems

Case Study: Lighting Design For An Event  

Exercise: Experiment With Different Special Effects And Create A Lighting Design


Module 6: The Function Of Lighting Design




Selective Focus

Case Study: Light Installation In Public Space 01

Exercise: Create A Lighting Design That Highlights Specific Elements Of An Exhibition / Performance


Module 7: The Controllable Properties/Qualities Of Light



Direction And Angle

Focusing Light & Quality of Light


Movement Case Study: The Lighting Design Of A Theater Production Exercise: Experiment With Different Intensities And Distributions Of Light And Observe Their Effect On The Stage


Module 8: The Process Of Lighting Design

Idea Development

Visual Visualizing

Project Analysis

Finalizing The Design

Light Plot

Equipment List

Channel Schedule/Circuit Plan

Magic Sheet

Cue List

Case Study: Documentation, Paperwork and Workflows

Exercise: Develop A Concept For A Spatial Design 01


Module 9: The Method Of Lighting Design

Single Source Lighting

Multiple Sources Lighting

Key And Fill

Acting Area

Wash Lighting


Case Study:  Installation In Public Space 02

Exercise: Develop A Concept For A Spatial Design 02


Module 10: The Structure Of A Lighting Department

The Roles And Responsibilities Of Lighting Designers

The Roles And Responsibilities Of Lighting Team

Case Study: Large Scale Lighting Installation With Immersive Experience 01

Exercise: Develop A Concept For A Lighting Installation In A Public Space 01


Module 11: Creating Art With Light

Software And Tools For Lighting Design

Case Study: Large Scale Lighting Installation With Immersive Experience 02

Exercise: Develop A Concept For A Lighting Installation In A Public Space 01


Module 12: Learning The Art Of Light To Enhance Our Design Practice

Final Review Of Different Type Of Lighting Designs And Practices

Students’ Presentations

Final Discussion

Note : This is an example of how this workshop could be structured. The specific content and activities will depend on the goals and focus of the workshop, as well as the experience and needs of the participants. Please feel free to contact at for further arrangement.

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