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Chi-yung Wong (CY WONG) is a media artist whose work concentrates on the art of light. It is a mixture of technology, popular culture and theatrical techniques. His works focus on the relationship between light and people and how this relationship opens up in both visual and theatrical arts. In his pieces, he applies theatrical lighting techniques to dictate rhythm, intensity and color. It is the manipulation of these factors that induces visitors to re-perceive surrounding spaces through the intervention of light. 

Early in his career, Chi-yung worked for a number of artists and designers to gain his artistic vision. They include John A. Williams (Lighting designer of The Symphony of Light in Hongkong), Marie Maillard (Video Artist for Chanel), Herve Robbe (Artistic director of Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Haute Normandie, France), Atelier Jean Nouveal, Matteo Messervy (Light Artist), Charles Vicarini (Urban Light Designer) and Danny Yung (Artistic Director of Zuni Icosahedron Hong Kong and the Recipient of the Merit Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany). He has also collaborated with Director Mathias Woo, Choreographers Yuri Ng and Daniel Yeung.

Over the last 10 years Chi-yung has lived and worked in Paris, Helsinki and Hong Kong. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in Theatre Lighting Design) and was the first lighting student who graduated with a First Class Honours from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He was the first Asian student of the Theatre Academy of Finland, taking part in an exchange program. After his graduation in 2003, he went to Paris to study French Language and Civilization in Le Sorbonne Université. He then received the AlexandreYersin scholarship from the French Consulate in Hong Kong and completed his visual arts degree at the Paris VIII Université, Saint Denis in 2006.

Chi-yung’s specialization in light has led him to projects involving theatre lighting, architecture lighting, exhibitions, photography and illustration. He was the first lighting designer for Hirsch Bender Associates Hong Kong and a lighting consultant for Chanel and Louis Vuitton. He was also the concept lighting designer for the recently opened Sky 100 Observation Desk in the International Commercial Centre in Hong Kong. 

In 2005, Chi-yung presented his first exhibition <Storytelling, Une Exposition Invisible> in Paris, and in 2010 he exhibited a series of his collective lighting installations in the Slowear Gallery of the Fringe Club, Hong Kong. In 2011, he was invited to create the scenographic lighting for a paper-art exhibition <Paper Tales> in Artistree, Swire Island East. In early 2012, he was invited by the Hong Kong & Shenzhen Architecture Biennale to present his lighting installation <Fish in a Tree>.

He has recently created the lighting design for the environment performance <Zheng’s Walls Have Ears> in A World Heritage site, the Mandarin’s House in Macau. In May 2012, Chi-yung was one of awardees of the “40 under 40- Design Stars of Tomorrow”, held by Perspective Magazine.

In May 2012 Chi-yung was invited by the French Consulate in Hong Kong to create a lighting art installation for Le French May Arts Festival in a 800 meter long Central to Midlevel Escalator in Hong Kong.

In June 2012 Chi yung was invited by Agnes B Gallery Hong Kong to present a scenographic lighting installation <LES LUMIÈRES IMAGINAIRES>(The Imaginary Lights).



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